Danish Artists’ Books

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OPSLAG NEDSLAG – Danish Artists’ Books


Time: 30 September 2016 – 11 March 2017
Location: The Royal Library, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, Denmark

“A large exhibition at The Black Diamond shows a Danish overview of the growing genre of artists’ books for the first time.

Through a series of cross-sections the exhibition OPSLAG NEDSLAG shows works from six decades – books by great artists as Asger Jorn, Per Kirkeby, Sven Dalsgaard and Tal R, as well as a quantity of entirely new works by Amalie Smith and Lea Porsager among others.

An artists’ book is not a book about art, but rather a book as art. The art book is a creation in itself and can at the same time function as a presentation series that illustrate expressions such as photos, drawings, graphics and texts.”

More info: http://www.kb.dk/en/dia/udstillinger/opslag_nedslag.html




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