Artist’s Book Exhibition “The Ex-Libris Exchange”

artists-book-exhibition_in-Bostomn-3Artist’s Book Exhibition in Boston

Time: 7 October – 1 November, 2016
Location: French Cultural Center, Boston, U.S.A.

About this Exhibition:

“Ex Libris ExChange is an international collaborative art project sponsored by the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association (BSSCA). The project includes 26 artists – 13 from each city who have created original Artists’ Books and artful maps based on a common theme. The thematic content of the artwork was inspired by an elaborately illustrated 18th century journal created by Georg Daniel Flor, a member of a French brigade that participated in the American Revolutionary War. Our artists have produced highly imaginative works using 21st century techniques to engage with the voice and aesthetic of an ordinary soldier with an extraordinary talent. This exhibit presents aesthetics and techniques that span centuries – one might say “from Gutenberg to Rauschenberg.”
Info from:


Julia Talcott, Annie Silverman, Alexandra Sheldon, Sara Ringler, Deb Putnoi, Jan Powell, Lisa Olson, Ronni Komarow, Ania Gilmore, Ann Forbush, Jesseca Ferguson, Elli Crocker, Kristine Arena

AnneWicky, Elise Planhard, Regis Pirastru, Hafid Mourbat, Christophe Meyer, Barbara Leboeuf, Jean-Louis Hess, Gilger/ A’issi, Alain Eschenlauer, Marta Caradec, Sylvain Bourrieres, Association APOG, Alain Allemand




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