Exhibition “International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014”


The third day of “Artist’s book-object” workshop, students led by foreign professors were completing their works, further debating and discussing the results. An exhibition was made. Artist’s book-objects made by students were exhibited on the old lithographic printing machine in Graphics department. Prof. Joseph Johannes Visser and prof. Hanne Matthiesen were glad about active participation of students, the creation of artist’s books-objects which were very different among themselves in forms and structures of the materials, in the diversity of the manifestation of the individual student thinking and approach.

After the “Artist’s book-object” exhibition opening, a short letter-project was written with the names of all participants their signatures and dissemination of the project references. Prof. Joseph Johannes Visser had put the “letter” in a bottle of wine. Near Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, by the river of Vilnelė, Joseph J. Visser and Hanne Matthiesen together with the workshop students have made a performance called “Send a message to the world”  by letting to a river a letter in a bottle, hoping that it will be discovered by art lovers.

The project “International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014” is one of the most unique and innovative international projects, organized by the Academy of Art department of Graphics and broadens students’ knowledge in the field, familiarize them with the interdisciplinary arts and stimulate their creativity and love for the book. It is an educational art project involving international and world-known artists, sharing their experiences with our students and helping them to integrate into the international community of artists.

The project “International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014” was funded by Lithuanian Cultural Council.

Prof. Kestutis Vasiliūnas
Coordinator of the project

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