International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014

The project of creative workshops for artist’s book-object is being organized in Lithuania for the first time. This is an educational project dedicated to bring an amazing book art closer to young artists, to encourage them to create their own books, the “artist’s books”.

“Artist’s Book” is a conceptual book, an idea of a book materialized in a form. “Artist’s book” is a piece of art which combines word and image, idea and form, from the beginning to the end designed by the artist himself. This is an interdisciplinary art that seeks innovation and new ideas in the art of books.

“Artist’s book” can be divided into two main groups. The first group is a “classical” “Artist’s book”, created from the paper or other soft materials on which text or image can be printed using traditional graphic techniques as well as modern printing techniques. “Classical” “Artist’s book” has a clear structure, a classic or a modern binding, limited editions, they are numbered and signed by the artist.

The second group is the artist’s books-objects: three-dimensional works of art wich keeps the idea of the book and maintains a form of a book. These “Artist’s books” can contain a variety of materials: paper, wood, metal, feathers, cement, etc. They are unitary, unique, with different shapes and sizes, from miniatures to book sculptures or giant installations of books.

International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014 will be held at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Department of Graphics from 1st to 4th of December of 2014. Workshops and lectures will be conducted by prof. Joseph Johannes Visser from the Netherlands and prof. Hanne Matthiesen from Denmark.

During the project under the direction of international professors young artists will create artist’s books-objects, discuss and share their experiences.

The project “International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014” will begin on 1st of December, Monday, at 4 p.m. It will be started with public lecture-performance held by prof. Joseph Johannes Visser and prof. Hanne Matthiesen in Vilnius Academy of Arts Gothic hall, to which are invited all interested in “Artist’s book”, and its non-traditional artistic forms.

1st of December of 2014 at 4 p.m. public lecture-performance. Address: Vilnius Academy of Arts Gothic hall, Maironio str. 4.

2nd-4th of December of 2014 „International Artist’s Book-Object Workshop 2014“ will be held in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Address:  Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA),  Malūnų str. 5, Laboratory of Graphics


Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Coordinator of workshops

Phone: +370 656 05379


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