Blank Book Makers In Memoriam Michael Gibbs

Time: 2 – 17 June 2012
Location: Fonderie Kugler
rue de la Truite 4 bis
1205 Genève

Curator: Izet Sheshivari

This exhibition is meant to address the latest developments in artists’ book history. An amazing corpus of new works makes up a most dynamic overview. There are many books dealing with topics such as emptiness, space, or the very substance of pages, and we deemed it necessary to look at the influence of books that have been published in neighbouring fields to that of the artist’s book or bookworks publications, in order for us to better define our investigation. Showing all facets and aspects through the most significant images was an option made difficult by the abundance of publications. We attempted to identify and showcase the current ideas and needs of the artist’s book medium.

The exhibition Blank Book Makers is initiated by Izet Sheshivari and Ramaya Tegegne and curated and set up by Izet Sheshivari at Fonderie Kugler, Geneva.


mailing address:
Le Saloon du livre c/o
Izet Sheshivari
rue Royaume 12
1201 Genève

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