Artist’s Books of Barbara Beisinghoff in Paris

Artist’s Book Exhibition Livres Uniks 4



Time: 10 September – 6 November 2021
Location: Topographie de l’Art, Paris, France

Our good Friend, word famous artist Barbara Beisinghoff is exhibited in the artist’s book exhibition “Livres Uniks 4” in Paris. Barbara Beisinghoff five times participated in the “International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius” with wonderful artist’s books and artist’s book objects.

“Barbara Beisinghoff is a prize-winning German graphic artist. She was awarded the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg Prize in 1988, in 1990 the Hameln-Pyrmont Art Prize, in 1991 the International Senefelder Prize, in 1997 the Dreieich Culture Prize, in 1999 the Heitland Foundation Prize and in 2002 the Mainz town Printer Prize. In 2018 her work was included into the exhibition Paper/Print, American Hand Papermaking 1960s to Today in the International Print Center New York.”

Barbara Beisinghoff in Paris

Together with Barbara Beisinghoff in the Gallery exhibited Bruno Bressolin, Françoise Bridel, Horst Haack, Johann M. Kleber, Alexandre Leger, Gianpaolo Pagni, Jean-Loup Philippe, Turi Werkner.

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