Artist’s Book Exhibition in Australia 2020

2020 Libris Awards: The Australian Artists’ Book Prize



Time: 27 June – 13 September 2020
Location: FIELD Engineers Gallery, Artspace Mackay, Australia

Winners for the 2020 Libris Awards: The Australian Artists’ Book Prize:

Overall Winner, CATEGORY 1 Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal National Artists’ Book
Dianne FOGWELL “Inferno”,  2020


Highly Commended, CATEGORY 1 Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal National Artists’ Book Award
Lyn ASHBY “The Light Down There”, 2019


Winner, CATEGORY 2 Mackay Regional Council Regional Artists’ Book Award
Pamela SEE  “Mackay”, 2020

Pamela SEE

Winner, CATEGORY 3  Artspace Mackay Foundation Tertiary Artists’ Book Award
Michael PHILLIPS “Between earth, four views”, 2020



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