Artists’ Books Exhibition in Australia in 2019

Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2019



Time: 29 August – 21 September 2019
Location: Gallery Central, Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia

Curators: David Forrest & Janis Nedela

“It is open to any artists working in the field of artist books to make application to participate in Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2019”.

Participating Artists:

New South Wales: Lee Bethel; Caelli Jo Brooker; Lisa Giles; Avril Makula; Jane Simon; Yvette Sullivan; Marama Warren.
Queensland: Rhi Johnson; Lorraine Lamothe; Sue Poggioli.
South Australia; Beth Evans
Victoria: Lyn Ashby; Alex Hamilton; Petr Herel; Debbie Hill; Deborah Klein; Lesley O’Gorman: Peter Ward
Western Australia: Gabriela Antonini; Susanna Castleden; Molly Coss, Christopher Crouch; Claire Davenhall; Martin Dickie; Robyn Foster; Shanti Gelmi; Louise Grimshaw; Chloe Henderson; Penny Hudson;, Shana James; Pam Langdon; Lesley Le Grove; Monica Lukowska; Elisa Markes-Young; Cherish Marrington; Jacky McFarlane; Clyde McGill; Shona McGregor; Melanie McKee; Dragicia Milunovic; Jánis Nedéla; Annette Nykiel; Sherry Paddon; Marcella Polain; Layli Rakhsha; Judy Rogers; Catherine Schultz; Annette Seeman; Anne Shilo; Lydia Trethewey; Paul Uhlmann; Vanessa Wallace; Gera Woltjer.
Brazil: Grupo Gralha Azul
Germany: Dorothea Fleiss
Italy: Virginia Milici
Latvia: Anda Munkevica
Lithunania: Kęstutis Vasiliūnas
United States of America: Cristina de Almeida


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