Treasures in The Royal Library


The Royal Library in Copenhagen

Thoughts About the Artist’s Books Roots in The Royal Library in Copenhagen

Time: 13 February 2016 – 18 March 2017
Location: The Royal Library, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen


Dunhuang Roll, Buddhist Scroll, 800-900 AD

During our art journey to Denmark we have visited The Royal Library in Copenhagen. There we saw a fantastic exhibition “Treasures in The Royal Library”. The Exhibition shows books written in 800-900 years, manuscripts and first printed book in Europe, also manuscript of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, handwritten texts of Hans Christian Andersen and Karen Blixen.


Dante’s Divine Comedy, late 14th Century

Connection old and “new manuscripts” in one Exhibition – good and contemporary conception – that makes the Exhibition great and strong.


Karen Blixen – one of Most Important Danish Writers

When I was looking on such wonderful books, created many year ago, I was thinking about an artist’s books, about our time, about what new we invented in an artist’s book or in book layout… or we invented something new? Here, in this small exhibition of Treasures, I have found late artist’s book roots. Here I have found artists who created Book with Love, I found Book as an Art.


More text and photos from the Exhibition


Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas

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