Taste of Book

artists-book-exhibition_Taste-of-bookArtist’s Book Exhibition in Norway “Taste of Book


Time: 18-29 August 2016
Location: Gallery USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway

Participating artists:
Dino Dikic
Kurt Johannessen
Sarah Jost
Imi Maufe
Rita Marhaug
Håkon Holm Olsen
Julie Lillelien Porter
Randi Annie Strand
Elisabet Alsos Strand
Anja Ulset


Randi Annie Strand. “The Metaphor Book”

An artist Randi Annie Strand several times participated in the “International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius” with her beautiful artist’s books. The artist’s book “The Metaphor Book” above, and the artist’s book form the “5th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2009” – “Berøringsstrofer”.


Randi Annie Strand. “Berøringsstrofer”, 2008


More info: http://www.codexpolaris.com/taste-of-book.html




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