7th Artist’s Book Triennial in Vercelli, Italia

7th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2015

Theme: “Error”

5th – 19th September 2015
“Museo Leone”, Vercelli, Italia

Vercelli is an ancient town in Piedmont, northern Italy, situated in the plain of the river Po between Milan and Turin. It was founded, according to most historians, around the year 600 BC. The world’s first university funded by public money was established in Vercelli in 1228. Vercelli Cathedral (Duomo di Vercelli) was erected and enlarged by Saint Eusebius of Vercelli in the 4th century. In the cathedral at Vercelli there is an early manuscript (Codex Vercellensis) of the oldest Latin Gospels before St Jerome’s Vulgate, called the “Vetus Latina”. It is generally agreed it was written by Eusebius. In Vercelli was living Saint Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, 354 – 430), the biggest Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western philosophy.

Codex Vercellensis, 4th century

The Museum Leone is an old building built in the sixteenth century for the noble Alciati, landowners Vercelli. It has the typical plant, of Roman origin, with rooms arranged around a central courtyard, almost square, with arcades on the ground floor with round arches, supported by columns of gneiss, which are repeated with small on the first floor. The Museum Leone, opened in Vercelli in 1910.




 The Museum Leone, Vercelli, Italia


Grazie mille per il nostro amico Roberto Gianinetti per aiuto nell’organizzare questa mostra a Vercelli.

In Cooperation with:
Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic department, Vilnius, Lithuania;
Gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania;
Gallery “Globus”, Leipzig, Germany;
Comune di Vercelli, Italia;
“The Cole Art Center”, Nacogdoches, U.S.A.;
MB Webarts.

Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Triennial

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4 Responses to 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in Vercelli, Italia

  1. RW Jones says:

    I am looking for images or pictures of the Codex Vercellensis. There must be some somewhere to preserve such a holy and historical Bible. Surely the library where it is kept has some. Do you know where I can find them so I can see them?
    Thank you.

    • vasiliunas says:

      nice to hear that somebody interested in the Book. I think I wrote in the post where is this beautiful book: “In the cathedral at Vercelli there is an early manuscript (Codex Vercellensis) of the oldest Latin Gospels before St Jerome’s Vulgate, called the “Vetus Latina”.” You have only to go to Vercelli – wonderful town of bishops.
      Kestutis Vasiliunas

      • RW Jones says:

        Thanks for the reply. But, I meant are there any images of the whole book online? Going to Vercelli is not possible. My wife is bedridden.

        • programmer says:

          thank you for your questions and interest in the 8th Artist’s Book Triennial.
          All information about exhibitions, artist’s books, openings, articles, video and etc. you can find her:
          Please, open it and scroll it down and you will see full information about the last 7th Artist’s Book Triennial. If you will be part of the 8th Triennial, and if you would need the photo of your artist’s book from Vercelli, or somewhere, we will make it and will send it to you, like for everybody who participate in our Exhibitions.
          Thank you,
          Kestutis Vasiliunas

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