Between the Sheets: Artists Books 2015

Between the Sheets: Artists Books 2015

Time: 7 March – 2 April 2015
Official Opening: 6pm Friday 6 March 2015
Location: Gallery Central,
12 Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia

Organizer: Gallery East

Loretta Cappanera, Italy, Dante “Divina Commedia”, Inferno, XXVI C

Manon Raath, Perceptual Memory

Lesley O’Gorman, Australia







Participating Artists:

Zimbabwe: Tadadzwa Gwetai

United States of America: Cristina de Almeida

United Kingdom: Thurle Wright

Singapore: Jesvin Yeo

Lithunania: Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Italy: Loretta Cappanera; Virginia Millici

Germany: Fichtner; Dorothea Fleiss


ACT: Caran Florance; Nicci Haynes

New South Wales: Caelli Brooker; Anne-Maree Hunter; Yvette Sullivan

Queensland: Fiona Dempster; Robyn Foster; Helen Malone; Stephen Spurrier

South Australia: Beth Evans; Lesley O’Gorman; Margaret Sanders

Victoria: Debbie Hill; Petr Herel; Deborah Klein; Clyde McGill

Western Australia: Eve Arnold; Kathy Aspinall; Denise Brown & Gail Robertson; Ella Borrello; Kristen Brownfield; Sandra Dunbar; Martin Heine & Gunnar Müller; Emmaline James; Shana James; Pam Langdon; Aliesha Mafrici; Elisa Markes-Young; Dragica Milunovic; Laura Mitchell; Jánis Nedéla; Stewart Scambler; Annette Seeman; John Teschendorf; Paul Uhlmann; Rebecca Westlund; Angelyne Wolfe; Gera Woltjer

Kestutis Vasiliunas. “Tea Book 4”, 2014, tea bags







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