Boccaccio and the Artist’s Book




Carolyn Thompson (UK), “The Eaten Heart”


Time: 2 December 2013 – 31 January 2014
Location: UWE, Bristol, U.K.
Tom Trusky Exhibition Cases, Quiet Room, Bower Ashton Library

Curated by Dr Rhiannon Daniels, University of Bristol

2013 is a year-long celebration of the Italian medieval author Giovanni Boccaccio, marking his 700th birthday. Boccaccio continues to be read across the world and to evoke responses seven hundred years after his birth. As part of the UK-based events, led by a team of academics at the Universities of Bristol and Manchester, an international group of artists were invited to create new books about Boccaccio. The aim was to explore the ways in which his works speak to new audiences in the 21st century. The parameters of the brief were left deliberately open and artists were invited to make a book in response to Boccaccio himself or to any of his Italian or Latin texts.

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