The Book Affair

Time: 30 – 31 May 2013
Official opening: 29th of May at 18.30
Location: Biblioteca di Castello
Address: San Lorenzo, Castello 5065, Venice, Italy

“The Book Affair” is a two day independent publishing fair organized in the occasion of 55th Venice Art Biennale by Automatic Books publishing house and A Plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center, with the support of the Municipality of Venice, Murano and Burano. “The Book Affair” will be held at the Library of San Lorenzo in Venice, Italy on the 30th and 31st of May 2013, with the official opening on the 29th of May at 18.30. Free and open to the public,

“The Book Affair” is a unique event featuring 30 selected international publishers, distributors and collectors dedicated to the production of books, printed matter, art catalogues, monographs, periodicals and zines. The list of publishers includes: 0-100, AKV Berlin, Art Paper Editions, Automatic Books, Bartleby & Co, Boabooks, Cura, Danilo Montanari Editore, Editions Incertain Sens, Gloria Glitzer, Kaleidoscope, Library of the Printed Web, Mousse Publishing, Nero, O Book Publisher, Ommu, Onomatopee, Pogo Books, PrintRoom, Raw Raw Edizioni, Revolver Publishing, Rollo Press, Roma Publications, Studio bibliografico Giorgio Maffei, Studio Montespecchio, Théophile’s Papers, The Wild Pansy Press, Valiz, Vice Versa Distribution, Werkplatz Typographie.
The mission of “The Book Affair” is to act as a platform for engagement with and critical exploration of the artist’s book. Situated at an intersection of disciplines — na mely the visual arts, literary arts and/or critical design — this media presents a unique space of inquiry that is often complemented by interdisciplinary practice, collaboration or co-production. With this in mind, the fair will explore publication in a way that is inclusive of dialogues in the visual and literary arts, as well as graphic design.
“The Book Affair” includes a series of special projects, conferences, exhibitions and events organized with the idea of examining the production of books in contemporary art, initiated in October 2012 in Venice with a series of conferences titled “The Seller, the Publisher and the Artist”.
Exhibition “The Book Affair” will host an exhibition curated by Giorgio Maffei, the Italian curator and historian, titled “Artist’s books. A parallel story”. The exhibition uses the book media with the intention of offering a different way of conveying art history to the publ ic. The curator explains the goals of the exhibition: “From the beginning of avant-guard movements up until today, the book becomes a place of experimentation, a different frame used to discharge traditional media – painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving – in making itself become a true “artwork”. It is a parallel story or, better, a lateral story, a small lesson in art history told using a different language.”

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