Library Thoughts-3, Budapest 2013

Location: Barabas Villa Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Time: 27 August – 10 September 2013

Curator: Beata Szechy

Deadline: 15 March 2013
Entry fee: $35

When Johann Gutenberg invented movable type books it resulted in an explosion of art.  Now the book tradition is undergoing another change, as e-books read online are becoming more common.  What will the future hold in terms of reading, writing and the book as an object?  The usage of computers are evolving rapidly, going from not-so-intuitive, and sometimes even counter-intuitive, interaction through external devices like a computer mouse or a trackpad, to soon being controlled by gestures, whole-body movements or facial expressions.  Is this the end of books as we know it?  What impact will the digital age have on the usage of paper, books, libraries?  The Hungarian Multicultural Center invites artists exploring the wide spectrum of book art, small-press art, mail art, mixed media artist’s books, to submit their work to the 3rd edition of the international group exhibition Library Thoughts, held in Barabas Villa Gallery, Budapest, August 27 – September 10, 2013.


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