Artisan Books

7th Annual Artist Book Exhibition

Time: 11 August – 8 September 2012
Location: 159 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
3065 Australia

The Artist Books Exhibition began when Artisan Books was approached by the Papermakers of Victoria in 2005 to host an exhibition of artist books as they were interested in exploring the idea of presenting their work in the context of a book store. The following year Artisan Books took over the curatorship and it has since grown to become an annual exhibition that has featured work by book artists from every state in Australia, as well as a selection of international artists.

Invited artists:
Marianne Little, Gavin Keeney, Anne Lambert, Barb Adams, Bernadette  Boundy, Beth Evans, Dinah Beeston, Deb McArdle, Ania Gilmore, Annie Zeybekoglu, Judith Lawler, Helen Malone, Janine Whitling, Jánis Nedela, Keira Hudson, Kyoko Imazu, Neville Field, Ollia Parkinson, Gail Stiffe, Penny Peckham, Rosalind Byass, Sai-Wai Foo, Sarah Edwards, Nadia Kliendanze, Tricia Smout, Elizabeth Steiner, Liz Powell, Terence Uren, Margaret Mason


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