Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium – 2012




Time:  17 May – 5 August 2012
Location: Limfjordscentret Doverodde Købmandsgård, Fjordstræde 1, DK-7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark
Deadline: 10 April 2012

Theme: Udkant / On the margins
‘Udkant’ – in Danish can mean being on the edge of what is allowed – being furthest away from the centre – or on the edge of a remote place like a forest.

Every country, every place has its places on the margins. For some time now, the word has been used in conjunction with Denmark ‘Udkantsdanmark’ – and from being a fairly neutral descriptive word it has now assumed a very negative connotation, due to the Danish media using it to describe places in the country which are so far from the larger towns that no one really wants to go or live there, and where life in general has supposedly come to a standstill – Doverodde could be seen as one of these places according to the media and the government.

Artists’ books / Book Art can also be seen to be an art form on the margins perhaps of more established art forms in comparison to painting, sculpture, print etc.
Margins of a book are the outer edges of the pages.

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