Art 43 Basel



Artists Books

Time: 13-17 June 2012
Location: “Art Basel”, Basel, Switzerland

The 2011 special show highlights Artists’ Photography Books. These often luxurious publications offer their authors the advantage of reducing ‘loss’ in the interpretation of their works to a minimum, thanks to the natural affinities between re-production techniques and the photographic medium. But we have seen the genre used for very different purposes too: conceptual publications in the manner of Ed Ruscha’s famous series of books; photographs recreated on the printed page, as in several Japanese publications using the possibilities of offset printing to transcend the notion of simple ’reproduction’; or appropriation through hybridization with other typologies (as in the works of Wolfgang Tillmans).

Bringing together various ‘historical’ examples and the latest experiments by international authors and publishers, the exhibition also offers a new source for the numerous hard-to-find works little concerned with classic distribution. In collaboration with AA Bronson (Printed Matter) and Christoph Schifferli (Zurich), the curator thus offers the public access to a limited supply of books (historical or contemporary) provided by the publishers, specialized booksellers, collectors, or artists, thereby encouraging fresh dissemination of these projects within the exhibition setting.


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