Uncommon Threads

The Handicrafts in Book Arts

Time: 23 September – 29 October 2011
Location: 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland. Oregon, U.S.A.

Book and paper artists have the ability to work with an enviable palette of artistic materials and techniques—including traditional handicrafts. Think knitting, embroidery, sewing, beading, felting, needlework, stitching, quilting and other myriad possibilities. Combine these techniques and materials with a strong concept, meaningful content or a compelling narrative and we have a new era in the art and fine craft of book and paper.

Come explore how artists are using these crafts in the book and paper arts realm. How do artists utilize these techniques, materials or subjects as a way to round out, illustrate or compliment a central concept? Can we dispel the myth that the handicrafts don’t have any part in meaningful art?”

Uncommon Threads showcases 47 artists from across the United States plus the UK, Canada and Argentina. Featured are 51 finely crafted works, from artist books to broadsides to blank books chosen from 227 works submitted to our call for entries.



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